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The calcined petroleum JiaoZeng carbon agent and graphitization recarburizer
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After calcined petroleum JiaoZeng carbon agent and graphitization recarburizer difference when a lot of manufacturers in the purchase will be a little blurred recarburizer types, so we can take a look at the calcined coke manufacturer today after calcined petroleum JiaoZeng carbon agent and graphitization recarburizer. First, the raw materials: all is the use of raw petroleum coke. Second: fixed carbon content (1) the graphitization recarburizer fixed carbon is in commonly 98%, up to 99%. (2) the calcined petroleum JiaoZeng general carbon fixed carbon agent at around 98.5%. Third: smelting environment (1) the graphitization carburant in graphitizing furnaces in production after 3000 ℃ temperature. (2) the calcined petroleum JiaoZeng carbon agent is after forging furnaces after production of around 1500 ℃ temperature. Fourth: smelting time: graphitization recarburizer smelting smelting environment than the calcined petroleum JiaoZeng carbon agent a long time. Fifth: (1) the content of sulfur of graphitization recarburizer sulfur content is generally between 0.03 0.06%, average 0.05% more. Absorption rate is generally between 90% and 95%. (2) the calcined petroleum JiaoZeng carbon agent of sulfur content is in commonly 0.5% more. The absorption rate is more generally between 80% and 90%. 6: using aspects: both recarburizer using method, according to the different use of manufacturer's quantity also can have the difference, although the graphitization recarburizer price relative to the calcined JiaoZeng carbon agent in oil price is higher, but the overall cost, selection of thickener graphitized carbon is the most economical, therefore, nearly a year or two many casting steel manufacturers also gradually began to tend to graphitized recarburizer purchasing. Do not rule out the current low oil prices will last for quite some time. To understand the current situation, we need to review the history, see from 1979 to 1987 and from 2007 to 2015, the two stages of the similarities and differences. Similarities of the two stage, oil prices decline reached 70%; Have been increased supply of non-opec countries: the rise of the north sea oil in the 80 s and the vigorous development of the shale oil today; Two phases in Saudi Arabia are unilaterally declared not production, sales of cheap oil. In the previous stage, the change of market structure led to the 14 years of relatively low price, until 2000. It is important to note that at the end of 1979, oil prices of about 30 - $40 a barrel. Oil prices fell to $5 a barrel in 1986, eventually reach 15 to $20 a barrel this equilibrium prices and continued until 2000. If now will still be in accordance with the last time the law of development, oil prices will remain depressed until 2030. And the current phase and 1986 different is the surplus production capacity: 1986, OPEC has nearly 10 million barrels per day of surplus production capacity, and today, the production capacity of around 2 million barrels per day. So low oil prices will continue for a period of time, but not necessarily will have more than 10 years.