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The role of oil JiaoZeng carbon agent in smelting process
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In the process of smelting iron and steel, due to the ingredients or improper loading and decarburization too much wait for a reason, sometimes in steel or iron content is not achieve the desired requirements, at this time to increase carbon in steel or iron liquid, add oil JiaoZeng carbon agent. Is often used to increase the carbon material, carburant to join in the metal smelting furnace, through the carbon dissolved in the liquid iron carburization and diffusion, absorption rate depends on the carburant dissolving diffusion speed and the oxidation loss, increase in carbon content in liquid iron, reduce the content of iron in the liquid oxygen, more important is to improve the mechanical properties of smelting metal or casting. Namely using recarburizer with the worst of the best casting scrap steel smelting. Increase carbon agent the new technology of contrast in the traditional process of pig iron smelting many rough crystals, which have the ink, the gross of graphite is heritable, melting temperature is low, the rough graphite is not easy to be eliminated, the coarse graphite genetic to solid from liquid cast iron in the organization, on the one hand, reduce the strength of cast iron can be reduced the material performance, on the other hand make should have produced in the process of solidification of graphitizing expansion effect is abate, the iron liquid in the process of solidification shrinkage tendency to increase. In cupola melting and try to reduce the dosage of the iron furnace charge, using recarburizer to ensure high carbon equivalent, relative to improve scrap consumption. So, under the condition of high temperature melting, can get good activity, carburizing method graphitizing effect is more significant carbon. Better reflect the graphite morphology on casting, thus to improve the mechanical properties, shrinkage tendency, improve the processing performance. Also by electric furnace smelting dosage, low dosage of pig iron and even zero in carburizing way to obtain high quality liquid iron. From the material properties, the greater proportion of pig iron consumption practices in the past, compared with the same composition of high dosage of scrap steel, its mechanical performance and lower half of the brand. Increase smelting carbon agent, therefore, the new technology than traditionally the greater proportion of pig iron content than both from cost and product performance is superior.

Oil JiaoZeng carbon agent in smelting work has a very important role, so the quality of the oil JiaoZeng carbon agent also determines the quality of the smelting, lianyungang Jin Zhaochuan carbon co., LTD. Is a company specializing in the production of graphitized petroleum coke, petroleum JiaoZeng carbon agent and the manufacturer of graphitized petroleum coke, we have been in their professional quality requirements, our reputation in the user at the same time also is very good, if you have related doubts or requirements about our products welcome to contact us!