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Graphitized petroleum JiaoZeng carbon agent application in steelmaking
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Petroleum coke is in the process of petroleum refining slag, graphitization is the process of high-temperature processing into graphite petroleum coke, the process is energized petroleum coke and then after the high temperature of 3000 degrees, the carbon molecules form of petroleum coke from the irregular arrangement into six square homogeneous permutation way, in this way the petroleum coke can better decomposition in molten iron, all of the mainstream in the market now recarburizer recarburizer graphitized petroleum coke. At present most carburant are suitable for electric furnace smelting, there are also a few particularly fast absorption rate of recarburizer for cupola. Electric furnace smelting way of feeding, recarburizer with scrap steel should be burden to put together, such as small doses of adding can choose to add in the hot metal surface. But want to avoid mass feeding into the molten iron, in order to prevent excessive oxidation by carbonization effect is not obvious and the carbon content of the casting is not enough. Increased carbon agent, the dosage according to the ratio of other raw materials and carbon content. Choose recarburizer characteristics itself pure carbon graphite material, reduce too much impurity in the iron, carburant choose appropriate which can reduce the cost of castings.