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What is Graphitized petroleum coke carbon additives?
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As a common steel smelting steel recarburizer graphitized petroleum carbon additives, what is it?

First to say what is petroleum coke, petroleum coke is in the process of petroleum refining slag, the rest of the waste residue after in the oil refining is petroleum coke.

Graphitized petroleum coke is the petroleum coke through high temperature (3000 ℃) processing into a process of graphite, the process is energized petroleum coke and then after the high temperature of 3000 degrees, the carbon molecules form of petroleum coke from the irregular arrangement into six square homogeneous permutation method, this process is called the graphitization, after processed petroleum coke graphitizing process called graphitized petroleum coke, commonly known as "graphitizing coke" or "petroleum coke".

In this way the petroleum coke can better decomposition in smelting iron, all now in the market of the mainstream of the iron and steel smelting recarburizer graphitized petroleum JiaoZeng carbon agent.